IPC Eagle imop® Lite Scrubber Drier - 14.5", 12 AH

IPC Eagle imop® Lite Scrubber Drier - 14.5", 12 AH

Item # IPC-ML4B36-EA

  • Takes tight corners with ease, tight turning radius means you can clean where no auto-scrubber can go.
  • Theoretical performance: 1400 m2 per hour; Practical Performance: 700-1000 m2 per hour
  • Brush speed: 500 RPM; Brush pressure: 8.6 lbs.; Operation width: 14.5"
  • Machine size: 13.4" L x 16.9" W x 47.2" H; Weight w/batteries & water: 36.38 lbs.
  • Clean water tank: .08 Gal.; Recovery clean tank: 1.08 Gal.
  • Material: PP, aluminum alloy; Power source: i-power 12
  • Battery spec: i-power 12: 18V, 12 AH; Run time: i-power 12: 45 minutes
  • Charger type: Off board; Charger: 110-240V, 50/60 Hz
14.5", 12 AH, EA
Manufacturers Item #ML4B36

From the renewed control panel to the new floating ball water lock, everything is designed with a keen eye on user friendliness. Its unparalleled maneuverability and portability make it perfect for mobility cleaning. Low profile deck lets you clean underneath cabinets and ledges. Brushes clean right up to the edge. Very light weight allows you to work on multiple levels. The machine can be carried from room-to-room, making it perfect for cleaning restrooms, picking up spills, and cleaning wet and slippery entryways. Its small, compact size allows it to squeeze into many tight spaces, such as aisles or between tables, making it perfect for the retail sector and restaurants as well.


  • Color coded tank caps allow you to quickly identify which cleaning solution is in the tank.
  • Brushes are easily changed to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Swap battery on the fly.
  • Battery charge: Quick swap out. Multiple sets possible. Battery can be charged while connected to the imop Lite, just plug in the charger.
  • Easy transport: Transport wheels. Fits in the truck of a car. Easy to store and carry up stairs. 100% mobility.
  • The imop's advanced suction technology extracts virtually all of the cleaning solution and whatever liquid happens to be on the floor, leaving floors dry and safe to walk on almost immediately.
  • Because it uses significantly less water and chemicals it is the green way to clean.
  • Being able to swap out the battery on the fly means there is no job too large for this dynamo.
  • Mechanized cleaning. The imop Lite means fast efficient mechanized cleaning in areas that up until now could only be dome manually by hand.
  • No PhD required to operate this machine. We have done all the programming for you. All it takes is a simple push of the button to select the desired operating mode.
  • Powerful twin counter-rotating 500 RPM brushes for soil removal proven by ATP test data reflecting up to 90% cleaner surfaces.
  • Takes advantage of every bit of chemical and every drop of water, which is proof that it reduces environmental impact by over 75%. On average the imop Lite uses 20% less energy per m2 compared to a typical scrubber dryer.